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I've always been absolutely passionate about animals & was lucky to spend most of my life being surrounded by them. 

I started 'Paws 'n' Purrs' in Sittingbourne in 2008 and through a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication it has become a full time career, with help from Heidi for 5 years. I was lucky to have Anne join me in 2014 who shares an equal drive to offer a wonderful service to our clients, alongside a genuine love of animals. 

I grew up in rural Ireland and my family took in many unwanted animals including dogs, cats, goats, ferrets, tortoise, rabbits, ducks, chickens, fish, hamsters..whatever creature came out way needing some care and a home.

My father raised pups for breeders as he had a reputation for taking exemplary care in raising dogs into peak condition. I helped with this, studying raw food diet and supplements, assisting though the birthing process. 
Alongside this I walked many dogs (a variation of lurchers, whippets, collies, terriers, poodles and mongrels) 5-10 miles everyday so I guess that's what got me started! 
I am practical, methodical and an experienced dog handler and my approach with animals is calm and consistent.

I am very interested in helping to rectify behavioural problems and I have a strong commitment to animal welfare. I have volunteered at many animals charities helping a wide variety of animals including farm animals, wildlife.. and cats and dogs (of course).
Should your animal need medication whilst in my care, I am experienced in gently giving medication to animals by pill or injection and I am a qualified dog first aider.

I currently have 4 rescue cats aged between 6 - 16yrs approx. 
Also 2 dogs, a little westie cross and a greyhound/deerhound cross who came from the fantastic rescue charity:
Dogs Needing Homes .
I am proud to have fostered for a brilliant charity who save the lives of many pound dogs Lurcher SOS .

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